Wow!! What a workday!

Great to see some new faces along with the regulars. Twelve or so of us turned out, we had great weather and a good clear work objective.

We cleared a whole load of trees around the Victorian bridge and really let some light in. Still a fair bit to do on this clearing, but we made such a massive difference.

Jason doing a bit of logging

I would like this section of the greenway to be the centre of it. As I have blogged before, I want pub style picnic benches put in and make a feature of the Victorian bridge because it connects the greenway with its historical past as a busy commuter railway-line between Rugby and Leamington Spa. It is also the crossroads with Cawston Bridleway, which brings me to the fantastic steps that Brian has started to build up the side of the cutting, so access to the bridleway is a whole lot easier. There is a circular walk that is on www.cawstongreenway.org that starts and finishes at The Bear and incorporates both the greenway and the bridleway.

John posing with a branch

We want to leave some of the fantastic specimen trees, but clear out the bulk of the canopy. It will be great to see what grows next year, and what wildlife is then attracted. We will have to keep back nettles and bramble to allow the wild flowers to really get going.

I have another project which is clearing Cawston Wood of all the litter. I am trying to get the unofficial path that runs off the greenway, just past the bridge that crosses the A4071, and goes around the edge of a field before connecting with the path that runs around Cawston Reservoir, made into an official Right of Way. This will then connect  the greenway with the woods and make another fantastic circular walk.

You can find details at www.cawstonwood.wordpress.com

Lastly, I am looking into how we can incorporate the unfarmed triangular field that is at the end of the run of fields that lie between the greenway and the Western Relief Road, into a wild flower meadow.  This is just before the bridge that crosses the A4071. Early days but it will be a real bonus if we can get this to work out.

Next workday Sunday 7th November (next week!!). I will have the litter pickers from the Cawston Wood litter pick so we may as well make use of them. Meet at the Victorian bridge and finish clearing it plus do a bit of litter picking along the greenway so something for everyone next week. We can have a bonfire so we can get rid of a lot of the brash by burning it. 10am to 12 noon or longer, if we really get into it.

Thanks to everybody who turned out today. We really worked hard and got loads done.

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Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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