Unexpected visitors…

Yes, we had some unexpected visitors in the form of a big red fire engine full of a load of beefy firemen. Unfortunately they didn’t come to help chop the path back. Someone had seen the smoke from our bonfire and called 999. This is the first time that this has happened and we have had bonfires every week. Luckily they were fine about it and went off to talk to the person who reported it.

Other than that, a mixed bag of a day with ten or so of us turning out, which I thought was really good considering the weather forecast. Rather than go all the way down  to Potford’s Dam and risk getting soaked if the heavens did open, we worked on clearing the path from the picnic clearing down towards Potford’s Dam.

The path before we widened it...


...and after widening.

This was really hard going using loppers and rakes. I will get some petrol for our brush cutter and finish this off with that. We also scraped away a lot of leaf litter to help any wild flower seeds get some warmth and start to germinate in the spring.

A bit of advice from Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, who came down on Wednesday to look at what we are doing. The glades need to be bigger, really a lot bigger, and the ground needs to be clear of all the twigs, leaves and vegetation, if anything is going to have a chance to grow. Trees on the south sides of glades need to be cut back and the path needs to be clear, then shrubs at the sides with trees on the edges, so it kind of  gradually gets taller towards the edges of the path.

Thanks to all who braved it today. Next workday tomorrow 10 am to 12. The following Sunday is not a workday unless anyone wants to organise one.

Thanks again,


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Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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  1. janet elmore says:

    It’s look great and I know what a lot of work goes into clearing like that, thanks for keeping us updated.

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