Loads done on Cawston Greenway today

Good workday today with more pushing back on the second big clearing.

The clearing is getting bigger.

Hopefully we will get some really nice wildflowers coming up on the raked-back ground.

The raking up the brash and burning it just seems to go on forever!

Eventually we will need to decide if we are going to get rid of all the trees in the cuttings and let the ground become grassed over and full of wildflowers. We can probably keep the trees on the edges and either dead-hedge or create a living-hedge along the edges of the greenway.

John creating a dead-hedge on the edge of the greenway.

We will keep the wooded feel on the embankments and this will attract insects, fungi and wildlife that like the damp shaded habitat, but in the cuttings we can hopefully open the habitat up to a much more diverse and different type of wildlife.

Our dead-hedge will be a really great home for all sorts of wildlife.

Next workday is on Sunday 13th March 2pm to 4pm and we need to cut back the bramble on the north-east corner of the new clearing. This clearing will then be complete.

I will brush-cut the rest of the path down to the Potford’s Dam end and rake back the brash. We then need to walk the whole length of the greenway from the Cawston underpass, south-bound, and cut back any bits that are obviously going to hamper walkers in the summer, and also site our new picnic benches.

Next midweek workday will be Wednesday 16th March 11am to 1pm to just finish off any jobs that are obvious, like trees that have come down or piles of brash that have been left. After this we need to do a bit of work on the reed-bed at the Potford’s Dam end, and the bank that leads down to it. Time is short but we can do what we can.

Thanks all who turned out today.

Until next time!


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Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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