Sunny workday on Cawston Greenway

A very pleasant workday on the greenway today. We looked at a section on embankment and played about with trying to clear the recent Ash tree growth without losing the mature trees on the outer edges of the greenway, which act as a screen between the Western Relief Road and the houses and green spaces in Cawston. Happily we found that we could push back the growth and make a really wide path that had a woodland ride feel to it.

The path after a bit of clearing. Still plenty of scope to push back the trees on the left.

The wider the path, the more chance that sunlight will get to the edges of it and this will be full of all sorts of wildlife. As we have seen in the glades, when the trees are too close together they become very spindly and nothing grows under the canopy. We are lucky that the greenway runs north to south, so the mature trees on the edges are not too much of a problem, especially if they are at or near the bottom of the embankment. It also means that there is more path for the various users such as walkers, joggers, cyclists and horse-riders, so hopefully it won’t get so churned up in the future.

Next workday is Wednesday 9th March and back on the bit that we were on today. It is just down from the new underpass, where the path comes out of cutting and onto high embankment.

Our 2011 AGM is being organised as we speak and this will be at Cawston Grange School. I will blog and email when I have a date. Talking of emails, it is still very unreliable and I get a lot returned undeliverable. It is best to subscribe to the blog so that you don’t miss anything.

Until next time!


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