Cawston Greenway Path Widening

Good midweek workday today and we pushed on with the path widening between the two large clearings. It is worth bearing in mind that we need to create as many scallops along the path as possible. These will be warmer pockets that are sheltered and the wavy edge means we really maximise the length of the path, which will be beneficial for insects and plant life, and the mammals and birds that will feed on them.

Path looking north.

We left the specimen tree at the end of where we switch sides to create a bit of variety, and also to create an aerial runway so that mammals that do not like to travel on the ground can still benefit from both sides of the greenway. It would be detrimental to the wildlife if we don’t have various pinch points where mammals can cross. Ideally we need a tree to grow on the other side next to this tree, and the canopy touching. With the path running virtually north to south at the bottom end, it is really important to maximise the south facing edge that is left each time we switch sides. These need to have as much of the path edge facing south as is possible, to create a warm micro-habitat, so tapering these south sides towards the switch over is not the way forwards. They need to be straight and wide. The north facing edges needs to be tapered to that they will receive sunlight at the start or end of the day.

We looked at the bank where we pulled up a load of nettles in the picnic clearing and whilst it looks at first glance that the nettles have grown back, there is actually a lot of Herb Robert growing and creating ground-cover. I think it would be worth going over this area again and pull up more of the nettles.

Next workday is Sunday 6th November 1pm to 4pm and we need to push the path back from the picnic clearing, northbound towards the entrance. If we meet at the picnic clearing and push on. Bear in mind that the greenway starts to curve from north to an easterly direction as we work up the path, so the sun will be rich on the ground on the left hand side and the shade needs to be minimal on the right hand side.

Thanks to all who made it today!


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