Brill Day on Cawston Greenway

Wow!! What a great workday. We pushed on with the path widening working from the first picnic clearing upwards towards the entrance. It is hard and slow work but soon enough we will be out of cutting and on to embankment. When we get there we just need to thin out the whips (very young trees) and clear around the more established young trees to help them to flourish.

This was narrow path before we started.

It was lovely to see Ed and Sally towards the end of the day and we must thank Ed for chainsawing a lot of the stumps left from cutting, as well as some more trees out of that picnic clearing without a picnic bench. My thoughts around this are thus – I would love to get another picnic bench but there is no point if it is going to go missing again, so how about we save some sections of tree-trunk and use these as the two legs to a simple bench, dug into the ground and simply put a plank across the top. Not quite a picnic bench but somewhere for people to sit and enjoy the clearing. We can probably make about four of these.

My thoughts here was trying to recreate the steam of the locomotives that would have worked their way up and down the line between Rugby and Leamington in the 1800's and pre-diesel 1900's.

Next workday is Tuesday 8th November 10am to 1pm where we can keep pushing the path back and brush-cutting the cleared areas. Meet at the area that we left off today and who wants to bet that I can get the fire started from the embers of today’s fire!!!!

I am going to try and create a new part to the blog for dates, but in case it does not work – future work days are:

Monday 21st November 2 – 4 (path widening)

Sunday 27th November 1 – 4 (at the flooded bit by The Bear trying to sort out why it is flooding)

Wednesday 30th November 10 – 12 (path widening)

Sunday 11th December 11 – 2 (path widening)

Thanks to all who turned out today.

until next time!


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Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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  1. Paul says:

    I have now got future workdays under a new tab on the bar across the top of the page. This makes it easy to find out when workdays are without having to trawl through loads of blogs. Hope this helps.

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