Hawthorn Clearing

Great workday yesterday and good to see that about six or seven of us made it. We started pushing back the path northbound from where we last left off and discovered a group of struggling young Hawthorn trees, that were fighting with the scrub around them, and the higher trees on the edges that were overhanging and tangling with the Hawthorn growth.

Hawthorn clearing.

We cleared the path either side of these trees and it will be nice to see them develop. They will have white flowers in the late spring that are pollinated by midges, and later in the year bear numerous haws. The haw is a small, oval dark red fruit about 1 cm long, berry-like, but structurally a pome containing a single seed. Haws are important for wildlife in winter, particularly thrushes and waxwings; these birds eat the haws and disperse the seeds in their droppings.

Haw fruit on our Hawthorn trees.

We started to make a dead-hedge on one side of the clearing and this will be a fantastic habitat for lots of wildlife as it becomes established. The clearing is at a section where the path changes from being in cutting to being pretty flat, before becoming high on embankment. This gives us an opportunity to lay hedges of the edges and allow people to enjoy the views across open countryside on each side.

Good progress was made and the naturally open and flat section that we worked on, felt different again to the sections worked on previously that have been in cutting, and can sometimes feel a bit claustrophobic. Especially before we started to widen the path.

As we push on it will be interesting to see what else we discover and I think we all need to be as creative and open-minded as possible. This workday was a mish-mash of ideas thrown into the melting pot on the hoof. The outcome was truly fantastic and we have created yet another varied piece to our rich and diverse greenway.

I have put a couple more workdays on the list at https://cawstongreenway.wordpress.com/workday-dates/

Lastly, thanks to Fin and Aaron for bringing marshmallows. We roasted them over the fire at the end of the day and they were yummy.

Until the next one!


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Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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