Post Christmas blow-out on Cawston Greenway

A few of us made it today and had a good old Christmas-calorie-burning session. The Blackthorn trees that we released didn’t quite work out in the same way that the Hawthorn trees did, but we can see how they develop over the summer.

This was a totally tangled mess of scrub when we started.

We might have to coppice them right back and then let them start again., but I guess if we see how they do, and maybe try and trim them into some sort of shape.

The landscape changes as we move down the path and the rest of it is on embankment, so we need to think about what we are doing. I walked down the path today and I think we need to be mindful of the trees. There are quite a few feature trees which we need to work around, and also quite a few areas of Ash trees that will look really good if we remove the scrub around them. The land that is between the greenway and the housing estate rises so there is no issues with noise or spoiling anyone’s view. What we need to do is create a path that is about three metres wide, however, within this three metres, we can have stand-alone and groups of trees.

Looking down the path at the point where we are at.

I think we need to crack on down the path now and just push to get to the end. If we just follow the contours of the path and push the scrub back, we can hopefully do this by the end of January. This then gives us two more months to push upwards and get to the new underpass. I don’t know if this is a bit ambitious but it would be really good if we can achieve this.

Today’s workday saw us get bogged down with the last of the really scrubby Blackthorn areas before pushing on. Rather than cutting trees down we just lopped branches on the path side and I reckon this is all we need to do moving forwards, as well as clear the scrub around the trees.

Looking back to where we got to. Notice how we left the bank of scrub on the left to create a windbreak.

I will put January’s workdays on the ‘workday dates’ bit up top on the brown bar and try and pack in as much as I can. I can see us getting to the end and it would be good to get there by the end of January. I am really happy with where we are at and feel that we are making a huge difference this year. I look forward to seeing what happens over the summer and already there are loads of shoots coming up in the areas that we have cleared in the last few months.

Thanks to everyone who has mucked in this year. It’s been an adventure!


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Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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