Confusion on the Greenway!!!

I totally forgot that we were supposed to be working at the Two Gates Clearing today, and so did everyone else, except for Christa and Phil, who were left scratching their heads wondering where everyone else was. However, they made a good start on this area and we can finish this off tomorrow. Apologies for the confusion. I do feel a little silly..

Two Gates Clearing.

The rest of us gravitated back to the section north of the new underpass and carried on clearing scrub and burning brash.   Eight of us turned out in total and it was great to see Ed and also young Paul who was back for half-term.

Today we had a lot of sunshine and it was lovely to see it hitting the south-facing bank. I did notice a few nettles coming up and maybe we need to think about what action we are going to take to try and manage this. There is still a load of work to do on this stretch and once again we are torn between trying to blast down to get the distance, or do a quality job on a much shorter distance.

Burning off the brash - look at the sun on the ground.

We have probably got two weeks into March left before we have to stop cutting and clearing. Over the summer we can tend the cleared areas by pulling up nettles and bramble so that wild flowers have a chance to grow. This will then mean that we can really hit the ground running in September with this stretch to The Bear pub.

We also really need to clear the trees on the ballast and make this the new path. It’s slightly higher and dry so it will be well worth it.

Thanks to all who turned out today. It was really pleasant and so many people were walking or cycling past, so we are making a huge difference for our community.

Tomorrow meet at the Two Gates Clearing at 10am to clear the scrub, release the trees and create a new access that is much safer than the current muddy trench that people have to jump over.


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