The bird-nesting season is finally here…

…and that means that we have to stop chopping away at the scrub and let spring roll into the summer. It also means that we can have our Sundays back too 🙂

I think moving forwards we will probably have a workday every fortnight, one on a Sunday and one on a weekday. There are various jobs that we can be getting on with like litter picking or trimming back any brambles that grow into the path. We will probably spend a lot of time pulling up nettles and digging out the roots of brambles in the areas that we have cleared. What we need is to keep the clearings open and bramble free, so that when we get to September, we can crack on with the rest of the scrub clearance up to The Bear pub, and beyond. There are steps that we need to put in by the bridge over the Coventry Road and also some work to do where the two gates are, and the flooded bit! We also need to start recording flowers, plants and butterflies that we see.

Anyhow, today’s workday was lovely due to the warm weather and we had five of us turning out. We saw a couple of Brimstone butterflies and the noise from birds around us was good to hear. We did a lot of work on the second clearing in the section between the new underpass and The Bear pub.

Second clearing.

If you look at the picture on one of the last few blogs you can see a picture from the end of the first clearing looking towards this clearing before we started work on it. it’s amazing what a difference we are making.

We still need to clear the south-facing bank and hopefully that can be the first job in September.

We also tried to direct the path around a little thicket of bramble. This will provide cover for birds and mammals and also provide nectar for insects that prefer bramble to what ever grows in the cleared areas. It also gives us a windbreak too.

See how we have directed the path to the right of the bramble as well leaving the original path on the left hand side. By doing this it makes the path more interesting and fun for children.

Well that’s about it. Thank-you to everyone who has played a part in where we are up to with the greenway. It really has been a terrific adventure and a really steep learning curve. The last picture is looking up the path from the new underpass and it really does look good.

Looking up the path.

Next workday will be on Sunday 1st April 11am to 2pm and I think we just need to have a good old litter-pick along the whole path and also revisit our management plan to see how we are getting along with it. If we meet at the entrance and I will bring bin-bags and litter-pickers. We also need to plan our AGM for April.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported Cawston Greenway 🙂


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