Litter Pick on Cawston Greenway

It was a lovely day for it and we had about seven of us turn out at varying times across the day. We picked about ten bags of litter, some old litter that we missed last time, and some much more recent.

Some of the bags of litter.

There is a problem with dog walkers using poop bags and then just slinging them into the undergrowth. I will see how we can go about getting a dog waste bin put at the entrance to see if we can stop this happening. Other than that, the general litter was drink cans, sweet wrappers and crisp packets. Despite there being ten bin bags of litter picked up, it was actually quite litter-free. Comparing how it was when we started and I think most people using the greenway are not littering.

In the areas that we have widened the feeling of space is really good and grass is starting to grow on all but the central strip.

Grass is starting to grow on the path.

Personally I think we need to keep pushing the edges back so that we have a really usable  wide path that will cope with the trampling of feet and bicycles.

I have taken on the position of Group Coordinator for the Rugby area at Sustrans. If you remember, it is Sustrans who had the licence for Cawston Greenway from Railway Paths Ltd, and that licence was granted to Friends of Cawston Greenway, to enable us to do what we have done. I am now responsible for the upkeep of all the Sustrans National Cycle Networks in and around Rugby, and the Volunteer Rangers who look after them. I think this will benefit Cawston Greenway because we will have a wider understanding of where we fit in with the other routes, and hopefully be able to connect with some of the proposed routes that intersect with us.

The blog for this is at and I really hope that I can make it as successful as we have all made Cawston Greenway. If you would like to get involved just let me know.

Next workday is Tuesday 17th April at 11:00am meeting at the picnic clearing and going over the newly cleared areas to grub out bramble roots and pull up nettles.

Thanks to all who made the litter pick a success.


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Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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1 Response to Litter Pick on Cawston Greenway

  1. Matt E. says:


    I heard a great piece on the radio the other week about hedgehogs devouring poop! And the possible link between bagging it and their decline. I understand in open spaces and playing fields it is socially responsible to bag and bin. What does every one think about not bagging somewhere like the greenway? I think it takes thought from the dog owner as to whether it needs cleaning up. Certainly not then throwing in a bush!

    regards Matt

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