Dodged the rain but still got wet!!!

Oh what fun on the greenway today!!!

We tackled the flooding that has been causing us problems and finally made some headway. Andy and Adam discovered an old drain going over the culvert and we were able to route the water overflowing from the other drain into this one, so effectively we dammed the flooding and made a stream across the greenway.

We dammed the bank on the left and dug out a stream.

The standing water slowly started to flow into our new stream and drain away and, the water that has been flowing down the greenway and into the farmer’s field finally stopped. We continued to rod the culvert to try and unblock it but there seems to be a section that is totally blocked. Personally I think it is better to have the water running over the top so that we can create a pond. This will be fantastic for wildlife and we saw today that the standing water was full of  tadpoles and frogs, as well as other creatures.

Quite hard to see but a lot of tadpoles in there.

We can route the path around the stream on either side so that people won’t get wet feet like we all did today. It feels really good to have gotten this bit sorted out today. I think there is a huge potential to make something of this area and I really like the idea of a pond. We need to cover the first drain again to make it safe and then work on the stream to make it  permanent.

Good turnout.

Great turnout today and whilst it was wet, horrible, muddy and smelly – it was really good fun!

Next workday is next Sunday 1pm to 3pm at the same section. Working on the dam and try and create a backwater. I will put some more dates through May onto the blog so that everyone can plan, and I will try and mix them up a bit so that people with other commitments can join in. CANCELLED DUE TO BAD WEATHER!!!

Cannot stress how much I enjoyed today!


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2 Responses to Dodged the rain but still got wet!!!

  1. Janet Edmonds says:

    The email from 17th April read: “The next workday needs to be at the section where the brook runs under the greenway and has flooded (Next to the housing development called Berrybanks opposite The Bear). ”

    I came to the Bear Car Park and walked in both directions but could not find anybody.

    Could you please give more details of where you will be working? (I do not live in Cawston.)

  2. Paul says:

    Sorry you missed us Janet. We were literally 100 yards from The Bear bridge.

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