Three years in and we are now starting to reap the benefits of our hard work!!

It was a lovely day for our workday today and about time too, after the last few have been rained off.

We returned to the picnic clearing that we made all that time ago and have been pushing out wider and wider to let the sunlight hit the ground. Remember that this area was covered in scrub and trees three years ago.

Well today we were rewarded with a truly fantastic riot of wild flowers, as well as a lot of nettles.

The picnic clearing, the picnic bench is behind the shot.

We need to pull up as many nettles as we can so that the wild flowers can spread and create as much diversity as possible along the greenway.

Red Campion. Last year this was scrub.

Forget-Me-Not has made a huge comeback this year.

Don’t know what these white flowers are and really need to take the book down with me to identify them. See the nettles around them that need to come away.

So there it is. The job that we started is really starting to pay dividends. The more we push on with pulling up the nettles in the summer and pushing back the shade in the winter, the greater and more diverse our greenway will become.

I cannot stress how exciting today was. From looking at bare earth for so long, it seems that things are starting to wake up and grow. We spotted loads of Orange Tip butterflies and I am sure I saw a Small White.

Thanks to everyone who has got us to where we are today.



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Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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1 Response to Three years in and we are now starting to reap the benefits of our hard work!!

  1. Paul says:

    Looks like the white wildflower might be Garlic Mustard. I will confirm this when I go back down and take a proper look.

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