Picnic Area Cleared.

Well we did it, we finally finished the clearing of the picnic area.

These are shots up and down the greenway showing the cleared areas. There are a lot of nettles ready to spring up so as soon as the clearing season ends, guess what… We will need to pull up the nettles, too. Good strong gloves required and it is really therapeutic and not as bad as it sounds. But that is a job for later on, so don’t panic, yet.

It was Mick, Phil and myself today. Chris got lost between the bus stop and the greenway, so ended up going back into town. However, it was a good session and we gave the ground a good raking over, to try and encourage any dormant wild flower seeds into germination.

Next workday we will be in the area that we named the bird-box clearing. It is a little further down from the picnic clearing and we need to rip out all the scrub. We have two workdays left where we can clear scrub, so I guess we just have to see how we get on.

Ideally, we need to remove most of the scrub, in the areas that are in cutting. We will need to leave a bit, to act as a windbreak and shelter, and also help create a winding path. Once the areas are cleared, it will be relatively easy to keep clear, as long as we work on a ‘little and often’ basis.

Longer term, we want to introduce plants such as Agrimony, Creeping Cinquefoil, Wild Strawberry, Barren Strawberry and Dog Rose. These are the larval food-plants for the Grizzled Skipper butterfly. The adult butterflies feed primarily on Bird’s-foot Trefoil, Bugle, Buttercups and Ragged Robin.

grizzled skipper

This butterfly is on the endangered list, so it is pretty important that we create a habitat that will encourage it.

Next workday is same time, Monday 23rd March at 9am working in the next clearing along the path.


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