Great turn-out today with six of us, Mick, Mike, John, Aaron, Chris and myself. We built the fire around three of the tree stumps and it seemed to get going pretty quickly, but the stumps stopped anything that we put on the fire from falling down onto the core, so we took ages to get it properly hot. Eventually Mick got it really stoked and we could finally start to throw on the mass of brash that had built up.

After about two hours of intense burning, we let the fire burn down and there stood the three stumps, just slightly charred.

I am well and truly stumped!!

However, a productive day and we pushed on with more canopy removal. We are getting to the end of where we need to be at The Bear end and need to push down towards the underpass end. We cleared out a load of the cutting just past the underpass, a few years ago and it would be good to get along to this bit.

Here we are looking from near the top of the cutting. Loads of light coming through, even on a drizzly overcast day. In August this bank was a mass of scrub and bramble.

With the bigger bits of timber we are creating a dead-hedge at the top of the cutting. This will be great habitat for mammals and insects.

Very much work in progress on this bit at the moment. We have left it reasonably tidy and the path is clear, but there is always going to be an overhang of brash until the last day that we work in this area.

This Saturday is our monthly weekend workday which is from 12 to 4pm. I will light a fire away from any stumps and we can burn off a load of the brash from today, and also a lot of the brash dumped on the other side of the path.

Thanks to all who made it today.


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Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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