Weekend Family Workday

Our second weekender and a good turn-out with seven of us in total.

Lee cut down the stumps with his chainsaw, which improved how the clearing looked straight away. Mick, Chris, Tim, Tim’s daughters, and myself cleared all the new brash and had a good old go at the old brash on the other side of the path.


We moved a lot of the tree trunks to to the top of the cutting, to build up our dead hedge. This will be superb for mammals and insects to make into a protective habitat, and also gives the clearing a nice feature.


This photo shows just how clear the ground is now. When all the leaves have fallen we will give it a good rake over to expose the bare earth, and see what grows in the summer.


The start of the fire. With little wind, the fire took ages to get going, but we eventually got there.

We now have to make a choice as to what to do. We can carry on up the path towards The Bear for a few more metres, and down the path the other way, all the way to the underpass. The two things to consider are, managing the clearing in future years and, eventually we need to clear out the other two clearings before the bird-nesting season starts next spring.

There is a lovely mature tree up the path, that I spotted today, just at the point where the cutting becomes flat by Berrybanks. I think it would be good to push on towards that, for now.

Next workday is Monday 12th October at 9am back in Bear Cutting.

Thanks to all who made it today.


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