Last workday on this section for a bit.

Five of us today, John, Aaron, Kerrie, Chris and myself, with a cameo appearance from Mike at Butterfly Conservation. Always happy to take guidance from the experts. The good news is that we are on the right track in creating a superb butterfly habitat.

We spent the first hour clearing the last bit of brash from the bank and when this was done, we brought down a few more trees on the edge of the clearing and started stripping these and throwing the brash on the fire.

We now hand this area over to Sam and gang to work on it to get their Duke of Edinburgh award. They will be clearing the north bank and creating a dead hedge at the top of the bank.

When we got to the point where the fire was starting to burn down, Aaron and John had a look at the flooding at Berrybanks. Before long a trench was dug on top of the underground aqueduct and most of the water was running over to the other side of the greenway.

A lot of work to do in this area, but whilst it is so wet, it is easy to see where the water is trying to flow to, and redirect it. Because of this, we decided to work on this area next Monday. We can route the path either side of the trench and create a lake in the middle.

Our next weekender is 5th December at 12:00 helping Sam and gang clearing the north bank of Bluebell cutting.

Our next weekday is 16th December at Berrybanks starting at around 9:15 am.

Thanks for all who made it today.


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Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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