Cold Weekender

It was certainly a cold one today but we managed to dodge most of the rain, which was a bonus.

The first thing that needed doing was a litter-pick. The litter has been bugging me for some time now, but when I really got into it, I was starting to wonder what drives people to do the things that they do…


My bag was stuffed full of empty beer cans and pop bottles, sweet wrappers and crisp packets, not one but two bike inner-tubes, and loads of little plastic bags containing dog poo!

Please have a bit of respect for the path that you are enjoying and take your litter home with you and put your dog poo into the bins provided on the estate.

We started ripping out the scrub in the Bird Box clearing and found all the bird boxes and bug houses that we put up ages ago. We also uncovered a log pile.


This is what happens to logs over the years. Loads of moss and slowly rotting away. Great habitat for loads of bugs and small mammals.

We have a whole load of brash to burn off on Monday. We could really do with a dry day tomorrow after all the rain today. I will bring some dry kindling to get a fire started quickly.

Looking back up the greenway, we need to cut scallops into the left hand side of the scrub. This creates warm and sunny south-facing micro-habitats. This is kind of manufacturing south-facing aspects to maximise butterfly and bee colonies on a path that runs on a north-south axis.


A poignant reminder of a lost friend..


Back on it on Monday. Feels like we are making good progress but still feels like there is loads to do.

Good work today.


About Paul

Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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2 Responses to Cold Weekender

  1. Christa says:

    Dear Paul
    Really appreciate all you do for us on the Greenway thank you and for the blogs I enjoy reading them and seeing how you are caring for the land.
    I agree about the rubbish I am often picking up bits and bobs as you described and really object to the poo but then would be really annoyed if I later trod in it!
    Wonder if we can get some signs to encourage care for the area?
    Lots of love Christa xx

  2. Paul says:

    It has been an ongoing problem for years. I really don’t get it. Is it a sort of trophy dog poo thing going on… Mine is bigger than yours… Nothing as strange as people!

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