Draycote to Potford’s Dam

Well what a great first workday getting the path cleared. We had about 15 people turn out and managed to cut the path back so it is now about six foot wide. We did about half a mile, which I am really pleased about, Progress at this rate will see us break through really quickly and then we can widen the wetter bits so there is dry ground to walk on.


Looking towards Draycote. Nice wide path that feels comfortable to walk down and hook up with National Cycle Network 41 to get to Leamington or Draycote Water.


Looking towards the A45. We cleared this to about six foot wide and got to the wet bit next to the golf club.

We have two options with this next bit. We can either brush-cut a new path on the slightly higher ground next to the puddled path, or we can dig drainage channels along the existing path so that the standing water has somewhere to drain to. I think the latter option is the one to try first. I sort of made a channel with a stick where there was a large puddle and it drained ok. With a spade and some deep channels I reckon we can have this section dry on the next workday.

Whitefields Golf Club have been absolute superstars in helping us gain access and on the next workday, we are allowed to park in their car-park and, they will ferry us to the path on golf carts.

We need to get rid of the over-hanging trees so it is bow-saw or if someone has a chain-saw to speed up progress…

Great day today and so good to see so many people turn out to make this connection from Potford’s Dam to Draycote a reality.


It is all about this post. It is going to get harder and harder as we get closer to the A45, but if we are resourceful and keep an open mind, we can create a nice wide and open path that will be a lovely and rewarding route connecting the north, west and south of Rugby to Draycote, via the Western Relief Road cycle path.

Massive thanks to everyone who turned out today. Community spirit at its best.

Next one is October 9th at the golf club. 1:30 start.



About Paul

Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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