Summary of Sustrans meeting and Feb workdays

I am just trying to summarise what we learnt last week with Dan and David from Sustrans. Please add anything that I have missed out.


Clear scrub from around the base of trees.

Cut back trees or branches that are rubbing.

Use the three cut method when cutting branches.

Cut branches back to the collar.

Much deeper scallops.

Bramble scrub flowers and fruits in the second year so need rotational cutting back every three years.

Need different ages of scrub for different wildlife, hence the cycles.

Trees to be coppiced on a ten year cycle.

Keep the path as dog-legged as possible to deter motorcycles.

Keep the path from A45, to NCN 41 marker-post, approx 1 mtr wide.

Use straight branches to edge the path and retain any gravel or ballast used to raise wet areas.

Create habitat piles away from the path.

Maintain wetland area just past A45 and try to dig channels to drain other wet areas into it.

Be watchful and mindful of fungi and do not disturb it.

Don’t chop down ancient trees but do clear any young trees and scrub that are going to get tangled if left unchecked.

Workdays for February 2017
Sunday 5th 1:30 to 4 – Rake up a load of the bark chippings and sow the wild-flower meadow-mix seeds at Berrybanks.
Sunday 12th 1:30 to 4 – If we have our license to work beyond Potford Dam, then down by the A45, if not in the picnic clearing ripping trees on the north side of the bridge.
Wednesday 15th 9:30 to 11:30 – Clear ash saplings between picnic clearing and underpass.
Wednesday 22nd 9:30 to 11:30 – Clear ash saplings between picnic clearing and underpass.
Sunday 26th 1:30 to 4 – Widen path south of picnic clearing.
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