Ahead of Target!

Carrina, John, Marcus and myself made it today and finished clearing the ballast path on the south side of the underpass.


This is a nice dry path and if we can direct people onto it, the muddy path can settle down and recover.


Nice to see some Holly growing on the edges of the path. This will be a whole new habitat and food source in the autumn.


Looking north-east, up the path at the start of the cutting leading to the picnic clearing. We can probably take the ballast path back a bit more and brush-cut the bramble off it. On the other side of the path we can scallop the bramble, but that will be a job for the autumn.


Looking down the path, in a south-west direction, you can see how close we got to the picnic clearing. We just need to keep pushing on and then work out how to encourage people to not keep churning up the mud.

Fungi finds today were a couple of Jelly Ear examples. One very small and another well developed. I have recorded both on iRecord.



Today was hard work without a doubt. My hands hurt so much with Blackthorn stabbings. My back hurts from trying to drag whole trees into the hedge. But we got there and are now ahead of ourselves. Next week we can push on into the picnic clearing, but also go back a bit and release a bit more of the ballast path.

Great work today, everyone.


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Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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