Squirrels 2-0 Harty

I felt like a man with a plan today – how wrong I was..

I made what I thought would be effective baffles to keep the squirrels off our feeders. I was so pleased with the outcome.


DSC_0104So thinking that our feeders were safe from the squirrels, after they easily managed to scramble up our smooth steel poles, I wandered off southwards to pick up any litter.

It was a wet morning with a mist in the distance. Certainly did not feel like spring. In fact felt very much like an autumnal November.

What is going on with the weather? Anyhow, I made my way back to the bird feeders and there sat a squirrel on top of the baffle, eating the bird food.

baffleIt looks like I am going to have to shell out even more money to secure our feeders!! Hopefully it will be third time lucky. Thankfully I have kept all the previously chewed up feeders so was able to make good feeders with all the bits.

I carried on litter-picking up to the Drummond Road entrance and came across so much Jelly Ear fungus.

DSC_0108Jelly Ear used to be called Jew’s Ear. People think that the name was changed because it was disrespectful to Jewish people, but actually the name is derived from the belief that Judas Iscariot hanged himself from an elder tree, from which the fungus normally grows, and Judas’s Ear got shortened to Jew’s Ear. It is edible but not a great texture or taste. So there you go, a little bit of trivia for you, which is quite relevant at Easter time.

Looking forward to a warmer and drier next week. Workdays have been updated for April.


About Paul

Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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