Spiced It Up!

Aaron, Marcus and myself decided to change tack with the squirrels today. Rather than trying to stop them, we thought it might be worth making the food spicy. Squirrels really don’t like spicy or peppery flavours, whilst birds don’t even taste them.


So in went half a jar of cayenne pepper – the stuff is lethal!! Got some up my nose and had a sneezing fit and then managed to rub some into my eye – much misery later, we got the bird-feeders up and also mixed it with the seeds.

We are going to put Vaseline on the poles at some point. The baffle idea is a good one but when I looked at them at Homebase, they just seemed too big and cumbersome. They also had a “vandalise me” look about them.

DSC_0121It’s looking good.

The rest of the day we spent litter picking from Berrybanks, to the start adjacent to Henry Hinde Middle School, and back.

A couple of quick up and down shots show how good we are looking.


DSC_0126An interesting fungus that I will try and ID later on..

And lastly, the litter. I have asked Rugby Borough Council to collect this for us.


DSC_0134Loads of bumble-bees and Brimstone butterflies seen today. Great to see the greenway coming back to life.



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Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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