Wildflower Meadow Creation

Marcus and myself made it today and we started to create our wildflower meadow. We have allowed our ideas to morph a little bit and are now creating this meadow around the communal bench in the bird-feeder area. It is just so much easier to get to and is the central part of the greenway.


We are starting to clear four 12 mtr by 4 mtr areas around the bench. It is not looking very pretty at the moment (work in progress) but we will focus on clearing the ground and digging out the roots of brambles. Everything that we dig out will be used to create habitat piles for existing wildlife.

This will give us 200 sq mtrs of meadow. We can see how it goes, or grows, and see where we go with it. We can either extend what we have, or create another meadow area further down the path. Clay-wildflowers

We just need to be mindful of how easily we can manage these areas, once they are up and running. We will need to weed out things that start to come up that are already in the seed-bank, or at least keep them in check to give our new seeds a chance to germinate and grow. And we need to be able to mow it at the end of the season.

The seed and grass mix is this:-

35% Wildflowers


3% Yarrow

hedge garlic

1% Hedge Garlic


3% Cornflower

lesser knapweed

2% Lesser Knapweed

ox eye daisy

2% Oxeye Daisy

wild carrot

2% Wild Carrot


3% Teasel

Vipers bugloss

3% Vipers Bugloss

St Johns wort

1% St John’s-wort

Field Scabious

1% Field Scabious

Birds foot trefoil

3% Birdsfoot Trefoil

wild parsnip

1% Wild Parsnip

common sorrel

2% Common Sorrel

red clover

2% Red Clover

dark mullein

1% Dark Mullein

tall mullein

1% Tall Mullein

65% Grasses

meadow foxtail

5% Meadow Foxtail

crested dogstail

20% Crested Dogstail


15% Cocksfoot

red fescue

10% Red Fescue

yorkshire fog

5%  Yorkshire Fog

common bent

10% Common Bent

This is a pretty exciting project and brings another layer of biodiversity to this area. To just sit at our bench and watch the birds and butterflies feeding will be fantastic.


If you are wanting to get involved with volunteering and have a love of nature, come along and try us out.


About Paul

Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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