Now we wait…

We have done a job in the area where the community bench is. Aaron, Marcus and myself finished off our work in this area.


Last year we put up bird-boxes and feeder stations. We have planted trees and now we have pushed back the scrub and seeded with a wildflower and grass meadow mix that is put together to attract butterflies and moths.

What we hope to get is this…


But turning over and disturbing so much of the soil in this area, means a lot of dormant seeds might be nudged into life. The trick in the spring and summer will be to gently weed out anything that looks like it is going to crowd out everything else. Willow-herb and nettles being top of the agenda.

Hopefully, if this area turns out to be what we think it is going to look like and attracts a lot of butterflies, bees and other insects, then we can gradually scallop the scrub at either end and extend to make a wonderful meadow area.

Shots up and down at the entrance shows how different it is, just a few hundred feet along the path.



The idea is to be able to walk along the wooded bit and then break out into a colourful meadow area with loads going on, sit at the bench and enjoy just being there. Maybe start recording the flora and fauna on iRecord and meet others with a like-minded interest. Share a flask of coffee and hopefully be able to make a platform where friendships can be formed as new hobbies are developed.

Well, that is where my mindset is at and drives me to do what I do.

Thanks all who made it today, and thanks to Nick from Sustrans for popping along and giving us a bit of direction.

Next week is just a general tidy up and litter pick.


About Paul

Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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