Merry Christmas from Cawston Greenway

Our last workday of 2018 happened on Wednesday this week. A litter pick that had the whole two miles of the path covered. Aaron, Victoria, Tom, Marcus and myself picked up a good three or four sacks of rubbish and means we are looking good going into the New Year.


I was getting left behind at one point…


…but I had a good excuse…

…beautiful fungi, the fungi season has started, one of my favourite seasons.

We have plans for 2019 which include hedging the edges of the greenway and have a grant from the CGF for two more community benches. This means that we can push a couple of the rectangular benches down the path towards Dunchurch Station. I am in two minds as to getting a proper notice board and publish what we are doing.  The over-riding factor being that the greenway is a platform to form a hobby and either join us on workdays, or just monitor and record the flora and fauna. The end result hopefully will be people forming connections and friendships over a mutual interest. This invariably leads to solving mental health issues like isolation and loneliness.

And lastly a twist…

It’s Christmas, we are on our last workday of the year, Aaron was first to notice a Star of David on a brick by The Bear bridge.


And then we spotted another one…


This one had a W in the middle of the cross. The railway was built in the 1850’s and it would be interesting to find out what significance this is.

But hey, Happy Christmas to all of our volunteers and all of the users of the path. Looking forward to next year and really pushing on…


About Paul

Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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1 Response to Merry Christmas from Cawston Greenway

  1. blhphotoblog says:

    Always disgusts me that people can not take their crap home. As for the notice beware vandals, their is always someone who takes exception.

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