Cawston Greenway plans for early 2019

Belated Happy New Year to everyone.

It will be a bit of a slow start on the Greenway this year due to me fracturing a couple of ribs, again!!

However, here is a list of rather tasty jobs that I have planned for the first quarter of this year.

We have two new circular community benches on order. I propose that we put one just north of Potsford Dam where a rectangular bench sits, and the second one where our last rectangle bench is, south of Potsford Dam. The first bench will give users a good view of Dunsmore Heath looking south-west and the second bench gives a really good view of Cawston reservoir and Cawston wood. The two displaced rectangular benches can be pushed down the path a bit. More of this later.

I would like to push the first rectangular picnic bench south of Potsford Dam to where the steps lead down to the reservoir, so it acts as a waymarker as to where that path is. This will need a bit of cutting back of scrub to make space for it.

Now, this is where we go a little off the path. There is a path that runs off the greenway just before Dunchurch Station, it picks up a track that goes past Windmill Cottages and then pops out on Cawston Lane in Dunchurch. Having run it a couple of times last summer, it is pretty overgrown. I would like to really open this up and make it very user-friendly. I would want the last of our displaced benches placed where the path leaves the greenway, again, to act as a waymarker and the other displaced bench placed somewhere between this and the last communal bench.

This gives us an extra 0.7 miles of Greenway to look after and also gives Sustrans the time to sort out the drainage under the A45. From a walking or running point of view, it gives a load of different options for various loops back through Cawston wood, or Bilton village, or venture further out to Dunchurch village and enjoy refreshments at The Dun Cow.

I will pop the workdays on the blog soon.


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Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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