Visit from the mothership

Great to be joined by David from Sustrans, today. David brought gifts, in the form of cookies and our much needed Lady’s Bedstraw and Hedge Bedstraw seeds. We now have enough seeds to really encourage our Bloody-nosed Beetle population along the path.

I have said it before and will say it again. It is always hugely welcoming to have someone from Sustrans join us on a workday. It makes us feel part of a bigger entity, and it is useful to get a little push in the right direction now and again.

Today was split into two halves. Marcus and Aaron built our new communal bench, whilst Mick and myself grubbed up roots in our new clearing. David helped in both camps.


The ground is now ready for our pollinator-attracting wildflower mix. We will sow this in early spring, along with some bedstraw seeds.

We ideally want a clearing like this, with a bench and a view out across Lawford or Dunsmore Heath, every 200 meters or so. This takes us nicely from the bird-feeder clearing right down to where we join National Cycle Route 41 just before the old Dunchurch station.

I can see us getting four of these clearings ready before spring, the rest will have to be in the autumn, which is good because we don’t want to be spreading ourselves too thin across the summer.

The bench, as always, took a bit of thought whilst putting it together.

We just need to reposition the old one down the path next week.

Great day today and finally enjoying a bit of winter sun.


And we have plenty of trees and scrub between clearings, so fear not, anyone who is worried that we are losing too much ground-cover.



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