“More Than Just a Path…”

Bit of a weird one this week!!! Marcus, Reece, and myself and an unannounced visit from Sustrans volunteer Nick (Sustrans Volunteer Co-ordinator).

No work done but just talked about some issues around steps, falling down the hazardous slope down the side of the “Potsford Dam” bridge, newts, stiles, communication and a few other things that are probably unmentionable here…

Here are some of the positives of what we are doing:-

We have created a fantastic asset for Cawston, Beechcroft and Bilton.

People can get fit by walking, running or cycling along our greenway.

We have created circular walks at the points just before Potsford Dam, Just after Potsford Dam, and further down just before the old Dunchurch Station to take people back to Cawston, or to Dunchurch, or carry on on NCN 41 to Leamington, via Draycote.

People can picnic on the greenway at one of our many benches and enjoy stunning views across the heath areas.

People can get fit by joining us on workdays.

People can enjoy connecting with others and chat about whatever, whilst on workdays and look after their mental wellbeing.

People can learn about wildflowers, bees, birds, other insects and all the other stuff that nature puts on our door-step.

We are a starter platform for people to go on and get involved with RSPB, Warwickshire Butterfly Conservation, Warwickshire Wildlife Trust and various other more specialist groups.

We have free coffee and cookies!!

We have limited funds so have to beg, steal and borrow as much as we can, and have fantastic support from the residents who use the path.

We have developed side-groups to run alongside the greenway to help disadvantaged groups in so many ways. These groups are about to come on-line and will blow you away in how good they are!

I could go on and on…

You know what, we may not be perfect, we are just a bunch of blokes trying to make a decent path that becomes, “more than just a path…”


Here is a picture of a newt!! Just so we know what we are looking for…


About Paul

Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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