The New Steps Had To Go…

I made an error when putting the new steps in, and for reasons way too complicated to go into here, they had to come out.


Thanks to Aaron, Marcus and Reece for helping to dismantle them, and a massive sorry to Tim and Martin who helped the team to make them.

Amazingly, we just kinda shrugged and moved on.

We now have a pretty awesome picnic area in the cleared section.


Plenty of banter about how we should have the benches angled, I kid you not!!

We then got back to our mini-wildflower patch and started clearing it of brambles. We really need to mow or brushcut the grass or it will just take over. We agreed to extend this area by a couple of meters at each end. It did really well over the summer and next year we can set up some proper surveys for flora and fauna. Butterflies are my secret passion and I  have had to put that on hold because I never seem to have the time to just sit and observe them.


The views from our last picnic bench…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Amazing to have this on our door-step!

Next week we are in the bird-feeder area. We are just clearing out the wildflower bed and having a general tidy up.

Anyone who wants to get involved – please do. You will be welcomed with open arms. We also have a number of other projects that, whilst not totally dependent on the greenway, certainly add to the enjoyment for people using outside green spaces. Come along for a chat if you want to find out more!!

The coffee and cookies are always pretty awesome, too…


About Paul

Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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