It feels like, another workday – another bench…

The aim is to get a bench in every 500 meters or so. It just gives people the chance to sit down and enjoy the surroundings.


The benches are designed to be quite short because we don’t want groups of people hanging around them. However, we are catering for this in another area.

The challenge for us guys, who were Reece, Dave, Kerrie, Marcus and myself today, is to create and maintain a clearing around each bench.

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This is the start of the clearing creation.

And this is Reece getting the bench level.

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Our coffee and coconut macaroon break felt very well deserved today.

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The aim is to open up the scrub, throw some wildflower seeds down and create the most amazing wildflower spaces for everyone to enjoy.


Thanks to everybody who contributed to our crowd-funder for the youth area. I just know that it is going to be fantastic.

Next week we are putting in our last bench, in the section between The Bear and the start. Then a couple of clearance weeks, and then we start on the youth area.

Everybody is more than welcome to join us. We are just a group of easy-going people having a laugh and enjoying being outside. No previous experience is required. Or if you cannot join us but want to help, we always need fat-balls and peanuts for the bird-feeders.

Thanks for all the terrific encouragement, from the crowd-funder, or the people who stop and thank us on workdays, or the people who make bird-boxes and other stuff. It really is incredibly humbling.


About Paul

Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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