New and Improved Bench

If I have to lug another 20kg bag of post-fix down the path, I will not be responsible for my actions… lol


But we got there, and the new and improved benches have longer legs so are a little bit more comfortable. Not that the other benches are not, due to them being on a slope so the leg shortness is offset, somewhat. All part of the multiple learning curves that we are on at present.

Great turn-out today with Aaron, Dave, Reece, Marcus, Mick and myself. A big thanks to Reece, who has taken charge of getting the benches actually in the ground.

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Whilst the rest of us cleared the area ready for wildflower seeds in March.

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And made habitat piles for all sorts of creatures.

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A very welcome cuppa at the mid-point.

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We have created four hubs, north of the bird-feeder clearing. We have one more to put in but more about that in a second. What we now need to do is make a decent clearing around each bench and put wildflower seeds down. In the summer these hubs will be amazing for people to sit and simply enjoy the wildlife that the wildflowers will bring.

Now that the bench building process has kinda got to where it needs to be, thanks to Marcus, we are now able to move forward with this aspect.

We have set up a group that encourages young adults on the autism spectrum to make the benches. We will pay them for doing this, and it is hoped that it gives people something that they can be proud of and teaches them new skills.

We have our first bench building workshop on Wednesday 4th March and it is on the greenway. I will get the tarp up so we have cover if the weather is not good. We are creating our fifth hub and “youth” area – a quadrant of four benches aimed at groups to hang-out and chill, away from adults.

For me, the greenway has always been about making the path as accessible to as many different groups as possible.

If anyone would like to support either of these strands, please let me know.

And to finish, our very own wildlife superhero, Mick, trying out the bench.


Next week we are clearing the ivy by the Rotherham Close entrance. Hopefully, the violets that used to come up will reappear.


Great day today.


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Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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