Restrictions Lifted Slightly

Restrictions lifted but still no group workdays. Only small actions like litter picks and snipping back in pairs of two people.

Should hopefully have more news in a couple of weeks.

This week we just carried on snipping back, as part of our daily exercise.

We just have the last leg (The Bear to the start) left to do. And then we desperately need to litter-pick.

Local resident, Kate, kindly gifted us a picnic bench.

With a little TLC it will become a useful addition to our picnic bench collection. With the benches we try to make an experience for each one. It might be a bluebell or wildflower clearing or a fantastic view across the heath.

On this section of the path, we are going to cut very deep scallops into the south-facing bank, and then sow locally collected wildflower seeds.

Obviously this will be after the bird nesting season, and when we can have full work parties back. I also want to uncover some of the waterways and just keep the water flowing in the correct places. I think this will enhance the path no end.

Lastly, we rested our secateurs and enjoyed a coffee and macaroon. Loads of people using the path and everyone chatty and happy.

Loads of good stuff in the pipe-line. Just holding off as much as we can until we are allowed. Also got a lot of stuff planned for our Young Autistic Adults. Watch this space and everyone more than welcome to get involved as soon as COVID restrictions allow.


About Paul

Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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