Litter picked and snipped

It felt like we were never going to get to the end of our litter picking and snipping back sessions over the last few months.

But we eventually got to the little triangle of light at the end.

Everything is really greening up now, and on this section we have allowed a tunnel effect to happen. We are still getting dappled sunlight coming through, but maybe just monitor it over the summer to see if we need to cut a couple of glades into it. This will encourage biodiversity and help to keep the path dry.

I really want us to get back into the good habit of recording the flora and fauna (see iRecord button above). So far I have seen and recorded a couple of pairs of Brimstone butterflies and a Peacock or two. It adds to the diversity of the path for different users and, hopefully, one day a Cawston wildlife monitoring group will pop up.

In light of a recent conversation about managing the grassland between the greenway and Cave Close and creating a wildflower meadow, it does seem like good timing.

It’s just another opportunity for a group of like-minded people to gather and do their thing, share coffee and cookies, and forge friendships.

We are waiting to see what is happening with the Right of Way R168x.

The Dunchurch Bridleway needs a good snip back in the Autumn. It doesn’t get anywhere near the amount of traffic that Cawston gets, so it could do with a little help to make it feel a bit more welcoming.

We have our Young Autistic Adults program to restart as soon as we are allowed to have larger groups. This will involve fun activities on the greenway to develop confidence, networking and skills within this group. We will be filming what we are doing and then editing it into a short video clip for our youtube channel. It’s all good fun and creates yet another strand of interest and activity, for whoever fancies their hand at working with video editing and creation.

Plenty of happy and chatty people using the path as we worked away.

It is looking pretty decent now that it has dried out, even if I say so myself!!

Hopefully we will get news of further lifting of restrictions this week and can crack on with our plans.


About Paul

Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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