A New Way To Support Us

We haven’t done any fund-raising for a while and looking in the Cawston Greenway petty-cash tin, all I can see is a few random pennies and a button that popped off my trousers after the first lockdown!!

We have teamed up with patreon.com and anyone who loves what we are doing can support us with a small monthly amount. A couple of quid, the cost of a coffee, anything that you won’t really notice. Honestly, it really helps to keep the show on the road and, allows us to invest in wildflower seeds, snowdrop and bluebell bulbs, preservative for the benches and all the other stuff that requires cash.

There is a link on the right-hand side and trust me, we will be so grateful for the support.

Loads of stuff going on at the moment. I will cover off the workday first, and then try and summarise what we have planned over the next few months.

As you know, we have made a new wildflower clearing. This week we seeded it.

The seed mix has 27 native wildflower types and we added what felt like a million poppy seeds (tiny black things) that I had harvested from a field about a mile away, also some vipers bugloss and field scabious that a chap had harvested from a similar project to ours in north London, which weirdly, is about a ten minute walk from where I come from. It is the disused Harrow to Stanmore Railway, locally known as the Belmont Line.

We have plenty of seeds left for the other clearings.

This is the wildflower mix

We then walked south and looked at the jobs that need doing over the winter. We are going to have just three statement wildflower clearings. This one, the one at the birdfeeder clearing and the one at Potford Dam. However, we are going to keep increasing the length of these clearings over time.

So what else is happening:

He have hit 60,000 views on the stats counter (my wife keeps telling me that people must be very very bored).

Mental Health – just to remind people that we are here for this. If you see us, come and talk to us. We love talking almost as much as we love coffee and cookies. Bring us some biscuits or come with a pair of loppers and join in.

Dino Trail – about to relaunch this. The first go was really to see how it looked and what problems we needed to overcome. The upgrade will hopefully work really well (still need someone artistic to do a decent map (hint, hint)).

Geocaching – Dino themed again and almost ready to go. Just need the stickers and log sheets.

The path to Leamington – work starts on the 8th October at the Leamington end. There is planning permission for the whole line to be made into a decent cycle path and also a branch off from Marton Junction to Long Itchington. The Bear pub is reopening so will be a convenient coffee stop and another coffee stop is planned around Marton or beyond. Exciting times.

And lastly – by this time next week our first bit of Cawston Greenway merchandise will be available. I am almost overflowing with excitement!!


About Paul

Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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