Nesting Boxes

We are way behind the curve with the nesting boxes. Mainly due to stocking issues, not having a ladder, and generally with everything getting pushed back due to the restrictions in place last year. But mostly to me having a phobia of things dirty and maggots and things crawling about!! Pledge to do the nesting boxes in early Autumn from now on!!

However, we are catching up. We are starting to get replacement boxes for the ones that have been attacked by woodpeckers and squirrels. We have open boxes for robins and wrens. And we have protectors to go round the holes of the new boxes and the ones that are salvageable. New boxes have a 30mm hole and older boxes have a 32mm hole.

We will start replacing and repairing next week. Tom has made a load of open-fronted boxes and Andrew, who made a lot of our original boxes, has made some more for people’s gardens, and is offering them for sale with profits going towards new boxes on the path (details further down).

This week we cleared ivy and self-seeded tree whips around the snowdrop bench. Ivy is great for wildlife and we have left 90% of it. It is just the 10% next to the path that we need to knock back so other stuff like violets other wildflowers can grow. I would like to see orange hawkbit and forget-me-not if we can get enough sun on the ground in the summer.

Ivy is not massively welcome if allowed to get high up in the trees. It makes them top-heavy and prone to blowing over. We made little habitat piles with the cuttings and enjoyed a welcome cuppa and cookie in the clearing.

Our usual 360 of the area…

Our snowdrops are getting trampled on the west side of the path. We thought about digging them up and moving them, but the sheer number makes it a tough task. What we will try instead is two spurs so the snowdrops will be in a scallop and people will naturally drift into the centre of the path.

Over the summer, we can let bramble grow over the piles and help them follow the existing edge of the path to feel a bit more natural. They will make wonderful habitat for a host of insects and small mammals.

Here is a quick look at how the path looked when we first managed to cut through some 13 years ago.

The constant cuts from bramble were awful and if someone on a bike came the other way, we needed to send out a search party to find you, after you were forced to jump into the jungle on either side.

Other stuff:-

Dunchurch Bridleway, via Right of Way R168, has a geocaching trail. It’s half published and should be fully ready after the weekend. Great to get up there from Cawston Greenway and watch the development unfold if you’re into engineering and construction, or just enjoy a walk to Solstice coffee shop or Dunchurch centre.

We have t-shirts with our railway logo, on the way (possibly go for a lighter green for better contrast??)…

Family workday this Sunday 12 to 2pm. A good opportunity to get Duke of Edinburgh volunteer hours in the bag. Litter picking and cutting back ivy and tree whips north of the snowdrop clearing. Bring loppers and garden shears, decent gloves and clothing. Weather looks dry.

Andrew’s robin nesting boxes are £5 each if you would like to encourage robins into your garden.

The bird nesting season starts next month so we change tack. The main focus is getting as many of the nesting boxes replaced or repaired in March and hope that we have a few visitors.

Our information board maybe can look something like this? Work-in-progress at the mo…

Thanks for reading if you got this far.

Until next week!


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Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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2 Responses to Nesting Boxes

  1. quinn73 says:

    Great blog post as usual. Quick question – does the Greenway currently extend to Draycote village and the slope pathway and bridge there?

    • Paul says:

      We go as far as the Potford Dam roundabout, however, we just keep it snipped back 250 metres south to where the Right of Way R168 goes off to connect with Dunchurch Bridleway and NCN 41 which takes you to Draycote. You can carry on walking/cycling to Draycote village but it does get a bit boggy and overgrown in places. Sustrans will eventually put a proper path down.

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