Thank You Patrons

Our generous Patrons are making a lot happen on the path at the moment. The big things are the new bird nesting boxes, the new bird feeders and food for the feeders, the stain for the benches, wildflower seeds that you will not see until the summer, and generally keeping the show on the road.

Sunday was our weekender with quite a few youngsters getting their volunteer hours under their belt for their Duke of Edinburgh award.

We will clear the ivy next to the path and sow with a wildflower mix that works with dappled shade. Really looking forward to seeing a bit of colour in this area, rather than just green ivy.

Wednesday was us against the clock. We need to get our new nesting boxes up as quickly as possible or we will miss the season. It was wet and cold and the boxes, whilst looking great, just didn’t have anywhere near enough of a solid fixing.

We put eight new ones up, six traditional boxes and two open boxes for robins. The difficulty is, we need to get them down at the end of the season and clean them out. Fixing them too firmly means we cannot get them down without damaging them. We need engineering brains to sort this out!!

Thursday I shinned up the ladder again and just did what I could to make the nesting boxes as secure as possible. It’s not ideal, but the more we mess about with them, the less likely the birds will use them. Hopefully this will see us through.

You will notice the hole protector in the last picture. I have ordered a load more of these and we can try and save the boxes that have been attacked by squirrels and woodpeckers around The Bear pub area.

We have loads of older nesting boxes along the edges of the path around the birdfeeder clearing. This is probably why we have such a healthy population of blue tits, great tits and long-tailed tits. I will be mapping all the nesting boxes and ensuring that they are all fit for purpose, over the next week.

Other bits-

There is an app called Seek that is very good at recognising wildflowers. We will be using this and recording what we find on iRecord this year. Just another off-shoot to help people to engage and get involved.

The Geocaching Trail has been updated with more robust boxes and the Dunchurch Bridleway trail is working now. We have had over 250 finds in the short time that it has been working and people have come from far and wide to do the two trails.

Thank you to Andrew, who made most of our nesting boxes. I will do my best to save as many as I can. So far just two have had to be scrapped. I am going to make the nesting birds a huge priority from here on in.

Please consider becoming a Patron. Just £2, £3 or £5 a month makes such a huge difference if enough people sign up, and it makes the path so much more interesting. The summer is going to be out of this world. By May it all dries out and bursts into colour.

A quick 360 of the path…

Thanks for reading if you got this far.

Until next week!


About Paul

Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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