Waiting for the metal plates to go on the front of the nesting boxes around The Bear pub. They have been despatched but no sign of them so we had to reschedule. The plates have a 28mm hole and the next batch will have a 25mm hole. This will give us a range of nesting boxes with 30mm, 28mm and 25mm, so will cater for a wider range of birds.

This week we tried to steady our new boxes with a bracket. It works really well and the pictured nesting box is as solid as a rock.

We have capacity for more nesting boxes in this area. RSPB suggests 20 to 25 feet between boxes for territorial birds.

Moving to the birdfeeder clearing. The pesky squirrels have worked out how to open the top of the squirrel proof feeders!!! I don’t mind feeding the squirrels but the amount of fat balls that they get through is utterly ridiculous. To counter this I have wired the feeders shut. It is easy enough to untwist the wire and then retwist it after refilling. We can see how we get on.

I also restained the bench. Because we are always working on it, it tends to get a bit of a hammering. I might look at a varnish maybe in the future?

On the workday, we carried on with pushing the ivy back. It is just about one metre so plenty left for existing wildlife.

What we want to do here is clear as much as we can along the length of the path, and put something in that is thuggish enough to give the ivy a good run for the money. I am thinking orange hawkbit and something blue or white to contrast…

It is really trying to get the area buzzing with pollinators and looking vibrant and interesting.

Other stuff…

Geocaching has had well over 300 finds now. Someone is doing the trail as I am typing this (it comes up on my feed every time a cache is found).

Visitor numbers are looking good on the blog, more and more people are discovering the blog and the path.

We have coffee and cake at 11am on a weekday workday. Anyone is more than welcome to come along and share cake or just say hello.

Patron if you wanna drop us a couple of quid a month. Hopefully, you can see the improvements that the Patron scheme is driving forwards.

That’s about it for this week.

Until next time!


About Paul

Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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