Another day up the ladder…

We have eight bird nesting boxes up on the section south of the birdfeeder clearing. Two are rescue boxes that have been attacked by woodpeckers, and six are new boxes. They are high up and all face a north to easterly direction to keep the blazing spring sun from cooking the inside of the boxes and, the harsh south-westerly winds at bay. RSPB suggest nesting boxes are at least eight metres apart.

We have five nesting boxes around The Bear pub access. Two to the north and three to the south. They have been wrecked by the woodpeckers so we needed to get our metal plate protectors in place. Easier said than done!!

Working at the top of a ladder whilst needing two pairs of hands is quite a challenge!!

Luckily, no accidents (the ladder is attached to the tree) and nice to see a pair of great tits checking out the first nesting box as we worked on the others.

We spotted fungi (scarlet elf cup?) and violets today whilst enjoying our coffee and cookie break. Spring is definitely on the way.

I have recorded the finds on iRecord.

Other stuff…

I have ordered the seeds for orange hawkbit in the area where we have cleared ivy. We will put down an annual mix to get instant colour this summer, as the hawkbit gets established and then fights the ivy.

We still have robin nesting boxes to put up. Against the clock a bit but we can only do what we can do.

Loads of people passing today. Nice to chat. Always welcome to share coffee and cake.

The cycle path at the Leamington end is continuing to work its way towards us. There will be a new cycle bridge across the Fosse, a replacement bridge at Marton and a drop-down ramp at Potford Dam to hook up with the Western Relief Road cycle path.

Thank you Patrons for allowing us to make the path so much more than just a mono-green corridor.

Geocaching is nearing 350 finds and apparently, the geocaching season has not even started yet!!

Next week we are post-fixing our bench near the old gate, and also need to think about a bench for the wildflower clearing at the underpass.

If you want to come along and help, there is plenty to do. From identification and recording flora and fauna, to snipping back bramble and ivy, which in about a week or so is about to go utterly crazy!! Feel free to pop along and check us out as a group. If anxiety is getting the better of you, just work on the edge of the group for a bit until you get to know us a little better. Cake is always a great icebreaker and we have all been there.

Until next week!


About Paul

Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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