Tough Workday

Tough workday for some of us who spent quite a bit of time dealing with a huge pile of left over brash.

A couple of points to remember. If we are cutting down trees we need to deal with the brash there and then, and also cut the stumps at ground level so they are not a trip hazard.

With the bird nesting boxes, they need to be far apart from each other, high up, straight, in a sheltered position and not in direct sunlight. They also need to be away from branches that a predator could perch on, such as a magpie or squirrel.

On a good note, we pushed down the line with the path widening. Adam was a whizz with the brush-cutter and did a fantastic job, with a good support crew behind him clearing the brash onto a bonfire. It will be great when the widened path gets a bit trodden-down and established. Still a long way to go and I can vouch that it really is hard work. I did two stints in the week and really didn’t fancy it at all today.

We also raked back a load of leaf-litter so any seeds that have been stuck in the soil will have a chance to germinate.

Moving forwards, we have two months of scrub clearance left. I propose that we leave any further tree felling until the end of the bird-nesting season (September) so we can see which ones are causing too much shade on the clearings, and concentrate on widening the path down to Potford’s Dam.

As I walked back today I thought about what we started with, which was basically a rubbish dump. Even now whilst the greenway is dormant, wet and muddy, the difference that we have made so far this year is fantastic.

Next workday will be next Sunday (6th Feb), 11am to 1pm. Pushing down the path from where we left off today. I will sort the stumps out in the picnic glade with Mike at some point soon. We will have the frames for the picnic benches delivered any day now so hopefully these will be ready for spring. I will bring a load more nesting boxes so Paul can have another crack at these.

Keep the faith, today was tough, but we are doing a superb job!


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Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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