Great Workday

Really good workday today with about twelve of us turning out.

We pushed on with the path widening and got quite far down towards Potford’s Dam. Still a way to go, but excellent progress that will pay huge dividends in the summer. As the newly cut part of the path becomes trodden down it will start to get established.

Widened path will stop walkers and cyclists getting snagged by brambles in the summer.

Good news for those of us who like to chop down trees. I had a root about where we had the bonfire today and most of the trees are dead and so dense and tangled that nothing is growing in there. So next workday will be opening up this area into a large clearing for those who want to get stuck in. The rest of us can carry on with the path widening.

The next glade - we will clear this area back and get the sun light on the ground to see what grows in the spring.

We found a marker that is probably something to do with the line when it was a railway. Does anybody know what it means? 

We now have the bench frames, who we have Rugby Borough Council to thank for (bear this in mind). We need to get them on site firstly, and secondly get some planks for the table-tops and benches. I think the standard length is about six foot and the planks need to be about 2 inches by 6 inches. How we fix them is anyone’s guess but I am sure we will find a way.

Picnic bench legs donated by Rugby Borough Council.

I will get some brackets to make fixing the bird boxes to trees a lot easier. And an electric screwdriver will help next workday.

In terms of saying thank-you to Rugby Borough Council – They have a project on the go that is trying to turn the area between the reedbed that the estate path goes past, up to where the greenway is, into a wildflower meadow. They have seeded the grass with Yellow Rattle and put a lot of wildflower plugs in. They would like us to get involved and help. It fits in so well with what we are doing with the greenway. I will blog details when I get them.

Next workday is next Sunday 11am to 1pm. I will organise some weekdays soon but a bit busy this week.

Great work today!


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  1. wendy says:

    Hi, the post stands for Rugby Joint Water Board ( who was taken over by severn trent in 1974) to identify a main line, so dont get the diggers out there.

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