I got the hippy hippy shake…

The hippy hippy shake.

After two hours of brush-cutting I have got the hippy hippy shake… lol. I hope you enjoy this blast from the past ūüôā

A really good day today with quite a few exciting developments. Ed cleared the logs in the picnic clearing and had a bonfire to burn off a lot of the unwanted timber.

Picnic clearing where people can come and sit at the benches when they are put in and have a bite to eat.

We also made a clearing that we identified last week as an area that was so thick with dead wood, and low value dense trees that nothing had a chance to grow under it.

Our new glade.

We had a third bonfire further down the path to burn off a load of dead wood and the brash from the brush-cutting. Still quite a way to go with the path widening, but I did feel like we had the end in sight.

I hope to get the bench frames on site week after next with the help of Gary. We can then get some planks that will make the table-tops and seats.

Paul put up some more bird nesting boxes and next week we can put up the insect houses and bat boxes.

We have the reedbed at the Potford’s Dam end and we need to eventually clear the embankment down to it and see how we can encourage it to flourish. Mike and me had a good old poke around in the reedbed that Rugby Council want us to help with. We startled a Snipe which is a marsh bird, which was nice to see, and also saw a whole range of flora in the boggy ground and stream. The first thing that we need to do is a litter-pick.

Our reedbed.

The grassland between the reedbed and the greenway is what we and Scott from Rugby Borough Council want to develop into a wildflower meadow. We will have a workday where we will be planting wildflower plugs soon. This is going to be fantastic for butterflies and insects, and will take off a bit of the pressure to clear all the trees from the greenway.

Grassland that we want to turn into a wildflower meadow.

That’s about it. Thanks to all that turned out, which was about twelve or so. we got loads done and really made a difference. The more sunlight that we can get on the ground, the more chance we will have of wildflowers growing, which will attract more and more¬†insects, which in turn will bring birds and other wildlife. Remembering though, that it is not just about the wildlife, it¬†is also about creating a fantastic greenway for walkers and cyclists to¬†visit and get down to Draycote Water Park.¬†

Next workdays:

Wednesday 16th Feb 11am to 1pm. Burn off the rest of the logs in the picnic area and remove the tree-stumps!!!

Sunday 20th Feb 11am to 1pm. Push on down with the path widening and try to identify more areas that can be made into glades.

See you then!


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